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  1. How ineirtsteng. I think I have to work the pattern as-is to get a feel for how it works. I looked at buttons today and chose some; I didn’t go with the hook or clasp I thought I might prefer. I noticed that the pattern has the buttons sewn in on the right front side, so when you wear the sweater it’s left over right. I’m not sure if I want to do it that way, but I’ve been way too tired to figure out how to get it to work the other way.I can imagine how beautiful that yarn must be when seen in person.

  2. u es hech romantik chem…inch asem..ete @ntrum eq azgutyun@, molorak@, uremn @ntreq dzer toq@, sirt@, gangi karucvacq@, mashki guyn@… u apreq es hech dem chem Seg jan ))))))))))))

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  5. Lovely print tee and it matches the bag like they were made for each other. I'm glad that you broke the rules because this outfit is a great way to start any weekend.

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  7. I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

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  12. The year was 1998. A local store in the midwest called Meijer carried an Operating System called Mandrake Linux. I had heard of Linux before, but this was the first time I could actually touch it. On a whim, I bought it, brought it home, and installed it. Ooo, Here was something new and different. This was what brought me to Linux. Thank you. PS. A fun note was when I went to install apps. I had to mount the drive. “Mount it? Its bolted down, its not going anywhere!” lol I still laugh at that to this day.

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  15. Well, I have written about sex trafficking, and am writing about it, and will continue to do so in the future, but I am just a little blog that has only been in existence for two weeks. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that most prominent feminists aren’t addressing the issue?

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  17. This art show was scheduled to be dismantled in July 1997; however, Cynthia Giles (owner of the Penny Universitie) loved the machine and asked that it stay permanently. Clark felt that the machine would create a conflict in the space unless it was open to artists in the community. Giles then introduced Whittington to a handful of other local artists and Artists in Cellophane was formed. Today, there are 90 machines around the world and over 400 artists involved. Six of the machines are featured at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas .

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  22. Eso se llama "LAMEDERA DE CULO". Todavía el grueso de la población es partidista de hueso colorado y están programados… Que lástima me dan. Si uno pudiera hacer una revolución (palabra TABU en este país, porque suena a Chavismo), al primero que deberían mandar a un Gulag es al orejas por meter sus tentáculos tan hondo en la institucionalidad nacional. Así no se juega. Y pensar que este país va a 4 años más de lo mismo… Creo que haré maletas y me iré a los Estados Federados de Micronesia. 😛

  23. Me encanta la idea de los tiestos. Justo ayer estaba pensando que necesito plantar hierbas en macetas para cocinar con ellas, y ahora sé cómo hacerlas ver lindas, no sólo prácticas. ¡Gracias, Cristina!

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  36. i agree with the first sentence, but the rest of it is a curious position for a pacifist, lefty.Ha, ha. But please read more properly. I merely wrote that if one country is allowed to use drones, then all other countries must be granted the same RIGHT. I did NOT say that they should exercise this right.

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  47. I object in general to the unholy alliance among for-profit interests (such as prison operator CCA), the legislatures that pass increasingly harsh sentencing laws that were written by the prison operators, and the police and court systems that enforce the ridiculous, often victimless crime laws for the benefit of the local legal machine (and general funds, in the case of fines). All of this to the detriment of the general population.Why do we support this? Because we’re told that it makes us safer. What a joke.

  48. Thanks for the info Grey mate I’ve not tried it yet been out all day but i’ll give it a go later!! …..this whole bloody vid thing is getting to me abit now but hopefully i’ll eventually get it sorted!!…before I drink myself into an early grave hopefully!! …………Davey.

  49. Mmm that dish sounds lovely. I agree with Trisha, your site doesn't help the hunger pangs! Though a little Robert Pattinson on the side never hurts hehe 🙂

  50. Oh my, all those memories of our time in Rome came floating back. I’d love to go back like you have and truly enjoy Rome and the entire country of Italy. Thanks so much for you blog. Bonnie from PVB and the gym.

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  65. Thanks Greg, not always easy but with growth comes some pain. Reminds me that God is growing and stretching me, and I love it.Regan, you’ve always been such a great encourager. Thank you. I am so grateful to be in a place where I trust God fully, simply let Him have His way, and enjoy the ride. I can’t imagine what else he could have in store, but I’m game for whatever He has…but also remember a time when I wasn’t and only wanted what I wanted. Growth.

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  74. That looks bloody great Bron. Pad Thai is one thing I don't usually cook but I reckon I'm going to have a crack at this one (with chicken not tofu – think hubs would think I'd lost it if I served him tofu lol).

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  80. Is that unique feature–assisted conception through intercourse–a good idea? It seems like it will invite confusion and, at least on some occasions, unfortunate misunderstandings. Is it better than having a bright line–if sex then parent; if not sex, then not parent? Indeed, it sounds like it might actually have the effect of muddying the waters even with known donors. Or am I misunderstanding?

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  82. For me, your “brand” has never been about food qua food, but rather about food and cooking in the context of life as you/we live it. Because that’s the direction I’m coming from, your politics are a completely appropriate matter for discussion here in your kitchen (or yard, or whatever you choose to call it).

  83. At our old church, I knew of a woman who had Down’s. Her family was full of intellectuals (engineers, profs at university, etc.). Their relationship was already tenuous but her parents turned her out when she got saved. Sad, huh? We’re just product of our culture and a lot of us value intelligence so you’re just normal 🙂 Praise God for conviction *and* for forgiveness!(hugs)

  84. Matthew: The only thing that seems to escape this is SOME CDs–the last few I've bought don't even have the name of the band or album title on them–they're on removable stickers instead. Odd.Rex: This book, or in general?

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  87. Yes GEJ may not have performed to expectation, but majority of the insecurity problems are as a result of Northerners who have decided this administration will be rubbished, the IG ,NSA,GOC are mostly northerners, DPO of many station across the country, not to talk about commissioners of police are from the North. PHCN,NPA and other big parastatals are being run by my people from the North,unless we start loving ourselves in Nigeria, things may not change.Merry Christmas and happy new year to us all,God bless Nigeria.

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  97. Le problème ce n’est guère le manque de moyens c’est l’attitude du type de clientèle traitée ! Le manque total de discipline, d’education, de correction, de respect….font que ils sont « invités » au tribunal !Bobigny est une cour des miracles .Merci à JPR de encore et toujours minimiser les choses.

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  101. Forget Carlos Mencia, he’s an annoying wanna-be Chappelle meets Lopez, but at least he’s no Dane Cook. You realize there is an entire generation of douchebags living RIGHT NOW, breathing the SAME AIR as you and I who not only think Dane Cook is funny, but that he’s the best stand-up comedian out there?

  102. Oh, and “allow” works better for the “Allow me to explain the rules” line, since he, being the giver, is in the position to tell the solver what to do. It appears that the editor had the same problem with both lines, missing a “to” in the first and adding a “to” in the second. Interesting.

  103. Prairie // February 24, 2010 at 3:44 pmWow! Powerful and so pertinent to the discussion. Hope our friend had an opportunity to read this insightful poem.You insight is impeccable! Descriptive and Dynamic…I pray the Eagle soars high!Thanks so much…LindaPS A friend of mine sent me a story about Bald Eagles for whom a group was caring because food was scarce…I’ll try to retrieve it and send it to you from here.

  104. OMG! I have been on your blog for a while now looking at your artwork and photos. Needless to say you are now saved in my favourites!!!Stacy Kathryn was right…you are an artist to admire!!

  105. You are so right concerning the plausible deniabilty factor.Thanks to the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party and the ridiculous attacks, when I had legitimate questions regarding Obama's associations and history regarding Ayers and the like, the sound of crickets chirping was deafening.Of course the MSM did not do their job, but the bill will come due for that as well.Great writing here Mr.Faber, I plan to become a regular.

  106. You know what the funny thing is? I never seem to come across many great frames around here. Makes me wonder about the walls inside these homes 😉 But, I still keep looking when I'm out and about 🙂

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  109. "Only if "X" was discovered and prosecuted, a notoriously uncommon result in the classic NHI incident."I blame Sumdood. He's the number one killer of kids who were getting ready to think about turning their lives around, going back to high school and getting out of gangs.

  110. Hey, my review of The Devil Colony wasn’t negative, really — within its genre, the book was pretty good. If you’re in the mood for fast-paced action-adventure, this is a great way to spend a snowy afternoon, and except for the final scene (I hated it, but Th. loved it) the Mormon element is a bonus.

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  113. glad you liked it! Wow, I am so used to this area I didnt even really notice the peeling paint. The old town hall is so very old that people do not go inside anymore. I THINK they are trying to fix it up but this town needs to spend its very little money on schools and plowing snow so things like restoration can not be at the top of the list.Let me know if you do a similar post, I would to hear about your town!

  114. Eleanor was always such a pleasant lady. She loved to reminisce and sing old songs with me especially, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".I enjoyed visiting with her and talking about her earlier life in Chicago.Rest In Peace, Eleanor. I’ll always remember you.

  115. Brilliant story, thank you Brian!You can be stupid in the woods as long as you know your knots.No hope for me then..Did any car stop to pick him up?…hang on, he:used KNOTS to tie together as many clothes, straps and other objects into a makeshift rope.He was naked. Probably scared people.

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  121. The most recent time this happened to me was last night. I had just arrived in Seoul for the first time, and was eating authentic Korean food–another first. I was so anxious and disconcerted to be in a new place that I blamed the food for my stomach tension!

  122. we needed to have “a proper tea, but not fancy.” (I have done a “pull out all the stops” Butterfly Birthday Tea for his younger sister earlier this summer. He was the waiter. Something less fancy suits him. Again, what a delight to find this on such a gloomy day!

  123. All power to you. The counter conference campaign poster is excellent: “Since occupying the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, we have explored diverse and exciting new ways to start wars against our neighbors. Indeed, Israel is forever optimistic about its ability to never be held accountable for its crimes under international law! ”Love it.

  124. when the puppy does his business on your floor, you can do two things. 1) rub or put his nose to the place he did the deed, and 2) you can roll up a newspaper and lightly smack his bottom so he knows its wrong to do it. you can also tell him how bad he was in a disciplining tone.

  125. Oldsalt79Some levity here old boy…Will the gays in the military necessitate 4 sets of latrines?…i.e….”men”…”women”…”gay men”…”gay women”…???…that’s aLOT of 50,000$ Toilet seats…or maybe the gay men will be in with the women…and gay women likewise with the men…I’d like to be a mouse in the corner for that one…

  126. very well put. I do not in any sense advocate socialism, or criticize capitalism, nor do I deny the great benefits its given the world. My point is some of the peculiar trends that seem to afflict American, Canada, Western Europe and Japan more than other nations. Just do some searches on suicide rates, behavior disorders, etc. That more than anything was the point I was trying to make.

  127. Congratulations! I've slacked off on most of my blogs and podcasts over the past few months, but when I do remember to come over I always enjoy reading. In fact I thought I'd mention I'll be up in Auckland this coming weekend, though it's for the NZ Body Art Awards and I may be too busy to meet up! 🙂

  128. wetin be this now????????? from one governor to another…make una be careful and use the money meant for masses very well…or else the worst are yet to happen. May God forgive una and give you quick recovery to start serving ur ppl…this is just a warning!!!,

  129. Hi Kristen,Thank you so much, I’m very happy that you enjoyed the book. I’m very hopeful for a sequel as well, Nickel has been loathe to leave my mind, not to mention my fingertips. I look forward to reading your review, and thanks again, both for helping to promote my book, and for giving it a chance.Aric

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  140. Don’t take votes. Do what you want to do, what feels right at the moment, without categories, reasons, or trying to meet anyone else’s needs/wants/requests/votes/opinions. Focus on what YOU need and want to say, how and when you want to say it. Your voice is enough. Period.

  141. It is interesting because of the way they diedIt would be really interesting if their DNA and the way they died were managed to be associated. But I think it has a very small chance to happen, at least in the near future.but even more interesting because it captures a timestamp of Athenians at the time of PericlesComparing their DNA with the DNA of modern ethnicities/populations would be interesting.

  142. It would be reassuring to think that the US will bail the rest of the dysfunctional world out of this mess but I just don't see that happening.We've become too resigned to defeat and our enemies too resigned to conquer and ultimtately the end of the world.OT: Have you read Mitchel Reiss's book about negotiating with evil? It's quite interesting.

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  144. Åååå, som jeg falt for det første egget fra SH ♥ Det var bare nydelig;)) Var det dyrt? SÃ¥ slik ut… hihi…Og de egglysene er sÃ¥ fine, og kule, nÃ¥r de brenner er de gule inni, sÃ¥ det ser ut som eggeplomme;)Herlig med lang og god pÃ¥skeferie med sol og varmegrade-garanti;)) Det fortjener dere!Ha en kjempefiiin tur, og kos dere masse!Klem Line

  145. Antes de mais felicidades pelo seu bebé =)Em relação à ferida, compreendemos a preocupação, mas da nossa parte é impossível ajudar sem saber o que é, fale com a sua médica que a está a acompanhar nesta situação, só ela a conseguirá ajudar.Boa sorte com tudo =)

  146. I’ve agreed with most if not all of your Obama commentary, but I think you’re wrong about this one, Steve. First off, having not actually heard the show and just looking at the bare text of his response, that strikes me as the sort of reasonable-sounding, soothing rhetoric on race that Obama has always sold to his white audiences, and the very type of stuff that has carried him to this point. It’s now his persona to utter deep-sounding but empty nonsense that makes people see him as the post-racial messiah. Jesus was not a jokester.

  147. Oooo a ja nie wiedziaÅ‚am że Basia chora 🙁 Nic nie powiedziaÅ‚a jÄ™dza jedna! /kop/ BasieÅ„ko duuuużo zdrowia życzÄ™ – swego Tobie nie oddam bo mam maÅ‚o ostatnio :PTy to jesteÅ› super kobitka! A takÄ… nalewkÄ™ to bym z chÄ™cia w towarzystwie Twoim i Panny Anny spróbowaÅ‚a :DDDAle że Jej odpisujesz a mi nie to nieÅ‚adnie no no no :DDDDÅšciskam CiÄ™ najmocniej jak potrafiÄ™!No i żeby Wam siÄ™ już wszystko uÅ‚ożyÅ‚o :*******e.

  148. I too am lusting over the gorgeous wire basket in black. The unique diamond pattern just takes it to the next level. I’d love to place it next to my bed, storing grey faux fur blankets to keep me warm and dreaming happy throughout the winter.

  149. comentou em 11 de fevereiro de 2010 às 17:21. Ainda não provei nada disso. Ainda prefiro um peeling suave de vez em quando. Tenho medo de ficar com o rosto paralizado e sem expressão. Acho que o Botox, quando feito errado ou antes do tempo, acaba deixando a mulher com cara de mais velha do que é.BJssss!!!!!

  150. Wishing you a quick recovery. You are right we just look and not see. I have been teaching my son to look at the beauties that the world offers to us and not just glance at what he looks at. He is learning and with each passing day I notice that he is able to see the world with a positve eye.Best wishes,Giangi

  151. The latter. I think that the most severe damage takes place in the first two years of life when mothers are typically more important. Not that a narcissistic father can’t do a lot of damage, as well, but I think it’s the failure of maternal empathy in infancy that causes so much trouble.

  152. : Vous allez un peu vite. D’autres chercheurs se sont intéressés au problème de la mémoire de l’eau, question qui n’est peut-être pas fermée définitivement c’est vrai (je n’ai jamais hurlé avec la meute anti-Benveniste), mais dont l’importance pratique sur notre destin est sans commune mesure avec celle du climat pour le moment. Pour l’instant il ne sort aucune synthèse vulgarisable de ces travaux. En outre, je viens de voir qu’Emoto n’a pas été publié dans des revues à comité de lecture.7fb

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