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  1. How ineirtsteng. I think I have to work the pattern as-is to get a feel for how it works. I looked at buttons today and chose some; I didn’t go with the hook or clasp I thought I might prefer. I noticed that the pattern has the buttons sewn in on the right front side, so when you wear the sweater it’s left over right. I’m not sure if I want to do it that way, but I’ve been way too tired to figure out how to get it to work the other way.I can imagine how beautiful that yarn must be when seen in person.

  2. u es hech romantik chem…inch asem..ete @ntrum eq azgutyun@, molorak@, uremn @ntreq dzer toq@, sirt@, gangi karucvacq@, mashki guyn@… u apreq es hech dem chem Seg jan ))))))))))))

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  5. Lovely print tee and it matches the bag like they were made for each other. I'm glad that you broke the rules because this outfit is a great way to start any weekend.

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  7. I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

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  12. The year was 1998. A local store in the midwest called Meijer carried an Operating System called Mandrake Linux. I had heard of Linux before, but this was the first time I could actually touch it. On a whim, I bought it, brought it home, and installed it. Ooo, Here was something new and different. This was what brought me to Linux. Thank you. PS. A fun note was when I went to install apps. I had to mount the drive. “Mount it? Its bolted down, its not going anywhere!” lol I still laugh at that to this day.

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  15. Well, I have written about sex trafficking, and am writing about it, and will continue to do so in the future, but I am just a little blog that has only been in existence for two weeks. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that most prominent feminists aren’t addressing the issue?

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  17. This art show was scheduled to be dismantled in July 1997; however, Cynthia Giles (owner of the Penny Universitie) loved the machine and asked that it stay permanently. Clark felt that the machine would create a conflict in the space unless it was open to artists in the community. Giles then introduced Whittington to a handful of other local artists and Artists in Cellophane was formed. Today, there are 90 machines around the world and over 400 artists involved. Six of the machines are featured at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas .

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  22. Eso se llama "LAMEDERA DE CULO". Todavía el grueso de la población es partidista de hueso colorado y están programados… Que lástima me dan. Si uno pudiera hacer una revolución (palabra TABU en este país, porque suena a Chavismo), al primero que deberían mandar a un Gulag es al orejas por meter sus tentáculos tan hondo en la institucionalidad nacional. Así no se juega. Y pensar que este país va a 4 años más de lo mismo… Creo que haré maletas y me iré a los Estados Federados de Micronesia. 😛

  23. Me encanta la idea de los tiestos. Justo ayer estaba pensando que necesito plantar hierbas en macetas para cocinar con ellas, y ahora sé cómo hacerlas ver lindas, no sólo prácticas. ¡Gracias, Cristina!

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  29. I landed here after my last search. The search results were a mix of odd and hilarious. I then tried Yahoo! and got what I was looking for.In other words, you lost a customer. I was using Google since 2000. I don't know what you did. Anyhow, it is time to move on.

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  36. i agree with the first sentence, but the rest of it is a curious position for a pacifist, lefty.Ha, ha. But please read more properly. I merely wrote that if one country is allowed to use drones, then all other countries must be granted the same RIGHT. I did NOT say that they should exercise this right.

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  47. I object in general to the unholy alliance among for-profit interests (such as prison operator CCA), the legislatures that pass increasingly harsh sentencing laws that were written by the prison operators, and the police and court systems that enforce the ridiculous, often victimless crime laws for the benefit of the local legal machine (and general funds, in the case of fines). All of this to the detriment of the general population.Why do we support this? Because we’re told that it makes us safer. What a joke.

  48. Thanks for the info Grey mate I’ve not tried it yet been out all day but i’ll give it a go later!! …..this whole bloody vid thing is getting to me abit now but hopefully i’ll eventually get it sorted!!…before I drink myself into an early grave hopefully!! …………Davey.

  49. Mmm that dish sounds lovely. I agree with Trisha, your site doesn't help the hunger pangs! Though a little Robert Pattinson on the side never hurts hehe 🙂

  50. Oh my, all those memories of our time in Rome came floating back. I’d love to go back like you have and truly enjoy Rome and the entire country of Italy. Thanks so much for you blog. Bonnie from PVB and the gym.

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  65. Thanks Greg, not always easy but with growth comes some pain. Reminds me that God is growing and stretching me, and I love it.Regan, you’ve always been such a great encourager. Thank you. I am so grateful to be in a place where I trust God fully, simply let Him have His way, and enjoy the ride. I can’t imagine what else he could have in store, but I’m game for whatever He has…but also remember a time when I wasn’t and only wanted what I wanted. Growth.

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  74. That looks bloody great Bron. Pad Thai is one thing I don't usually cook but I reckon I'm going to have a crack at this one (with chicken not tofu – think hubs would think I'd lost it if I served him tofu lol).

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  76. Shea & Joel – 22:25Bradley & Andrew – 17:26 RX (with costume)Jones’s – 19:09Stace’s: 24:02Daz & Julian – 22:08Chelsea & Kristie – 20:41 (18kg KBS, no costumes)Trev & Yoni – 21:50 RXConor, Simon & Neil – 23:07 (RB)Muriel & Rach K – 23:15 (10kg, 12kg, R+O)Sally & Carly – 23:58 (KPU, 1/2YB)Glen & Al – 25:44 (12kg, RB)Mark & John – 25:00 (RR, 10kg KBS)Luke & Jake – 19:05 (Grim Reaper & Scream)Andrew T, Sean D, James R – 22:30

  77. Ma che cazzo mi rappresenta questo post? Lungi da me difendere Rutelli che mi sta pesantemente sulle gonadi, ma c’è un limite (in basso) oltre il quale non si può scendere in queste ridicola panna montata dalla stampa di destra. Sono tutti uguali fa bene solo a chi è molto diverso (e peggiore) e sta governando da un bel po’.Il giornalismo italiano intende proseguire in questa discesa libera?

  78. Heh venäjän mummoni lähetti kerran äidilleni ohjeen minun ollessani pieni, että kovaan yskääni ym auttaa, kun hieroo joka ilta valkosipulin kynsiä selkärankaan. En kyllä hirveän avomielisesti suhtautunut koskaan mummon vinkkeihin mutta uskokaa tai älkää niin kyllä se taisi auttaa. Tosin paidat ja lakanat haisee sen jälkeen aika aromikkaalle… 😉

  79. Joao Sampaio disse:Boa tarde e cumprimentos para todos, o que eu efectivamente gostaria de saber era onde se havia desta batatinha azul para semear na minha hortinha, se alguém tiver informação eu agradeço! Joao Sampaio

  80. Is that unique feature–assisted conception through intercourse–a good idea? It seems like it will invite confusion and, at least on some occasions, unfortunate misunderstandings. Is it better than having a bright line–if sex then parent; if not sex, then not parent? Indeed, it sounds like it might actually have the effect of muddying the waters even with known donors. Or am I misunderstanding?

  81. Kedves Max!Minden nap idekattintok,hatha van valami uj recept.A perecet,croaisszontot,csokis,csikos rudacskat mar kiprobaltam ,szuper!Jottem jatszani hatha ramkacsint a szerencse,sajnos nem sikerul csak nevtelenul.Tovabbi sok jo otletet kivanok a receptekhez amit varunk ,hogy megosszal velunk.M.Agi

  82. For me, your “brand” has never been about food qua food, but rather about food and cooking in the context of life as you/we live it. Because that’s the direction I’m coming from, your politics are a completely appropriate matter for discussion here in your kitchen (or yard, or whatever you choose to call it).

  83. At our old church, I knew of a woman who had Down’s. Her family was full of intellectuals (engineers, profs at university, etc.). Their relationship was already tenuous but her parents turned her out when she got saved. Sad, huh? We’re just product of our culture and a lot of us value intelligence so you’re just normal 🙂 Praise God for conviction *and* for forgiveness!(hugs)

  84. Matthew: The only thing that seems to escape this is SOME CDs–the last few I've bought don't even have the name of the band or album title on them–they're on removable stickers instead. Odd.Rex: This book, or in general?

  85. The Zoner, can I at least live blog my own death before Tank does me in? Might be good for a traffic spike.Anyway, I thought about the Da Bears but the information that I found over at BizJournals and other places wasn’t favorable. Despite playing in the third-largest market in the league, the attendance numbers aren’t that impressive.

  86. Vouivouivoui. Par ailleurs, quand je vois une 'jolie' violoniste sur scène, aussi talentueuse fut-elle, je ne peux pas m'empêcher de me demander combien de musiciennes archi-talentueuses mais moins bien de leur personne ont été négligées au profit des plus jolies. Et mon petit coeur s'en trouve pincé.'fin bon. Tout ça pour faire des pochettes-de-CD-affiches-de-ciné.

  87. Yes GEJ may not have performed to expectation, but majority of the insecurity problems are as a result of Northerners who have decided this administration will be rubbished, the IG ,NSA,GOC are mostly northerners, DPO of many station across the country, not to talk about commissioners of police are from the North. PHCN,NPA and other big parastatals are being run by my people from the North,unless we start loving ourselves in Nigeria, things may not change.Merry Christmas and happy new year to us all,God bless Nigeria.

  88. I saw you at Leesburg Outlet! I was the sales associate at Gymboree, I hope you guys open a restaurant, my hubby and I would go there all the time! We dont really have any occasions coming up for catering but we really want to try your baked beans (they looked amazing on the show!) and my hubby LOVES deep fried pickles. We will try to think of an excuse to have you guys cater for us, just so we can try your good food!

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  92. This blog post is excellent, probably because of how well the subject was developed. I like some of the comments too though I could prefer we all stay on the subject in order add value to the subject!

  93. Teawench · Between Paris & New York, I’d pick the latter. I’ve never really had an interest in anything French, except maybe wine, thanks to a deeply rooted prejudice my grandfather had (though I am slowly starting to change my mind). But I’ve always wanted to go to New York. The food, the people, the adventure, the ability to speak English and not get yelled at… 😉

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