What Coaches Say

Skip is a great resource for anyone charged with coaching quarterbacks. His sensible and easy to understand approach will provide you with the very same tactics which have allowed him to produce superb quarterbacks at literally every level of football. As a result, your QBs will play efficient, fundamentally sound football. In turn, your entire program will benefit as it is clear that teams rarely win championships without great quarterback play. You simply owe it to your team to have Skip help you help your quarterbacks play their best!

—— James Svoboda
Head Football Coach
Central Missouri

I met Skip three years ago after researching QB coaches for my oldest son to work with in the off-season. Skip became a tremendous mentor for my son during those one on one sessions. Not only did he care about teaching him fundamentals, reading defenses, etc but he took an interest in him as a person. He remained in contact through his senior season and beyond with helpful hints and encouraging words.

From this relationship, I have had Skip work with our QB’s during the off-season each year since. He treats each of our QB’s just like he did my son. He takes great pride in their development. Our QB’s from almost every level in our program have been exposed to Skip’s teaching. He has also been on the sidelines to see us win a state championship.

I have a lot of trust in Skip Stitzell as a teacher of QB’s but also as a mentor. He recently started working with my youngest son to help him begin his football journey. I highly recommend Skip.

—— Tom Wilson
Dowling Catholic High School
7 time state champ in class 4A

My son Matt and I had the wonderful experience of getting to spend time working with Coach Skip.  As a high school coach for the past 25 years, I can say firsthand that Skip does an incredible job of coaching the quarterback position.  He pays great attention to detail.  From footwork to throwing motion and everything in between, Skip did a great job helping Matt improve his throwing ability and accuracy.  Not only is he a great teacher of the quarterback position, but he cares tremendously about the young men he works with.  I would highly recommend Coach Skip to any young man hoping to become an exceptional quarterback.

—— Coach Campbell
Fort Scott High School

I have had the pleasure of knowing Skip for many years and believe him to be one of the finest individual quarterback coaches in the entire country. Every QB I have evaluated that has worked with Skip has been extremely fundamentally and mechanically sound ,and has a vast wealth of knowledge of the position. I would recommend Coach Skip to any young QB looking to enhance their skills and prepare themselves for the next level. “Hook ’em Horns!”

—— Tom Herman
Head Coach
University of Texas

As a member of Univeristy of Iowa Hawkeye football family, Coach Stitzell has been a regular participant in our coaching clinics and camps over the last several years. As a QB coach, he has an excellent understanding of the discipline and mechanics required to develop efficient and accurate passing QBs. His attitude, enthusiasm and expertise earn him the respect of athletes and coaches alike. I am pleased he is a Hawkeye.

—— Kirk Ferentz, Head Coach, University of Iowa

In our travels across the country, we’ve found Skip Stitzell to be one of the most knowledgeable and skillful quarterback coaches around. He is an invaluable part of the Elite 11 coaching staff. I would highly recommend Coach Stitzell to any high school quarterback hoping to someday play college football, because if you don’t get the EDGE, somebody else will!

—— Brian Stumpf, Elite 11 Quarterbacks Dir. of Player Personnel

I have found Skip Stitzell to be one of the best fundamental teachers for quarterbacks in the business. I would highly recommend Skip Stitzell’s QB Edge development clinics to anyone that wanted to advance their fundamental training at the quarterback position.

—— Shawn Watson, Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, University of Georgia

If you want to improve your overall fundamentals at the quarterback position and learn the little details that will turn the average player into a player that can lead his team to the the game winning touchdown Coach Skip is the coach your looking for. Ive seen the results of his coaching first hand.

—— Mike Bobo, Head Coach, Colorado State University

As I was watching my son Drew’s highlights from this past season, a few things really jumped out. 1. His footwork is exceptional and his shoulders are almost always aligned for the throw. 2. His release is high and quick. 3. His ball placement and accuracy is spot on. I want to personally thank you for all the work you have done with Drew. I am amazed at how sound fundamentally he is and just how much he has developed over the last 3 years. I know that he is well prepared for success at the next level. Drew tied the Missouri Career High School Completion Percentage Record at 67.8%. Over 2 seasons he threw for 5878 yards, 50 TD passes and 1711 yards rushing in becoming one of the top quarterbacks in our area. Please feel free to use my comments and Drew’s highlights as examples of your work.

—— Andy Hare
Head Football Coach
O’Fallon Christian

I am writing this letter not only as first a parent, but also as a former collegiate and NFL player and collegiate football coach with over 25 years experience. I give my highest recommendation to Coach Skip Stitzell and his ability to not only coach, but mold young quarterbacks into future scholarship athletes.

I am now a collegiate athletic administrator, and I am telling you as a dad with a pretty extensive knowledge of football, not just any one is allowed to coach my sons, I listen to philosophy and I watch to see why I should let this person coach my son. Well I can promise you this Coach Stitzell is special, his understanding of footwork, arm positioning, release points, drills, technique, is extraordinary! He study’s the game, he study’s quarterbacks, he study’s individual quarterback workouts done form the pro’s to colleges across the country. Most importantly Coach Skip can communicate his vast knowledge to the young people he coaches.

Many parents today do not quite understand how recruiting works at the college level when it comes to the recruitment of quarterbacks it is like no other position. I thought I knew all about recruiting, but until you sit a watch your own son go through the process you realize how hard it is to be considered and elite enough athlete to get a scholarship. They need an edge! Being a quarterback you are the most scrutinized of all positions when it comes to recruiting. Each team recruits one a year! So to be a Division 1 athlete you have to be one of the top 118 quarterbacks in the nation! The real number is actually smaller when you consider junior college QB recruits. The recruitment of quarterbacks has changed! No quarterback receives a scholarship just off game tape. He will be expected to attend many one day camps and perform and throw in person for each team interested in him. This is not only expensive but each coach has a different set of drills he will have to be prepared for. Coach Stitzell will have your son prepared and ready! I feel both my boys Rafe and Kolt, are blessed to have a mentor like Coach Skip! In addition to all his qualifications and documented success he is a man who carries a lot of clout with college coach. As a coach and a parent I can only tell you these connections are priceless.

I highly recommend Skip Stitzell and The Quarterback Edge for your sons. It was one of my best athletic decisions regarding my boys! Once I realized I did not have the knowledge to help them reach higher I chose Skip and give him the praise for my sons reaching their potential, I couldn’t have done it without him.

—— Jack Peavey
Assistant Athletic Director
Oklahoma Baptist University

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